DIY Faux Locs: 3 Weeks Later


Hi Curlies! I’ve now had my faux locs for 3# full weeks and I just wanted to jump in and share with you how I have been managing them.

First off, I never dipped them in hot water to soften them up but quite a few had soften up by the end of week 2. During week 3, the majority had soften; only a few are still stiff. If you were keeping these babies for a couple of months then 3# weeks to complete softening up isn’t too bad, right? πŸ˜€

Length. Many times I did wish they were longer so I could snag them up into a ponytail and get a neat bun; but alas, my hair was done too short for that 😦 


I had a bit of trouble with my hairline during January’s “updos only” month (smh at how cruel I was to myself) and so I am ever so scared to lose any more of my hairline so I did this very simple side swept half roll/half fishtail braid which hasn’t come done for an entire week! I am trying to avoid manipulating my hair so that I do not stress my hairline or roots. Because as my new growth comes in, the extensions seem to be adding stress on my hair so I want to avoid that but I do not want to take the hair out just yet.

I have twice cleansed my scalp using Witch Hazel astringent on cotton balls/pads and that works fantasticly well! My scalp feels as clean as can be expected and feels really refreshed afterwards. After I wipe my scalp clean I usually let it dry then mist, apply my KimmayTube’s leave-in conditioner and seal by oiling my scalp with JBCO.

I spritz my hair with my DIY Hair Mist just about every other day and oil my scalp and temples with JBCO. Satin cap for bed at nights and its a wrap πŸ™‚

At this stage, my roots could use a twisting to give the style the appearance of freshly twisted locs and make them look neat but I simply refuse to stress my roots (esp around my hairline) so I’m kinda giving rastas a bad name because my sister says my hair looks “stale” πŸ˜€ Β For church this morning I did do a light twisting at the roots for those locs that took center stage but I just left those around my hairline alone.

DIY Faux Locs are really easy to care for and I expect to get another week’s wear out of them before I take them down.


PS – I’ve only found 1 or 2 of the wrapped hair ‘fall’ or slide down the twist (not from the root but along the length of the twist); to which I simply pushed the wrapped hair back up along the twist to hide it as best as possible.

PPS – I have every intention to take down this style and cleanse my scalp this weekend but planning to put it back up because it is so easy and effortless and it keeps the hair off my neck so no irritation (eczema, anyone?)

I should have been researching AFFORDABLE wefted kinky hair, be it synthetic or human, to do a sew-in as a way to let my hairline rest and relax. I was going between wefted kinky hair or purchasing human kinky wefted hair in 4-6″ lengths… but I have not chosen which way to go. Have you any experience wearing kinky wefted hair? Would love to know what brand/type you used!

Next month (March) will be my 2 year nappiversay and I am due a length check so look out for that post πŸ™‚

Until next time, stay beautiful. Stay blessed xx


4 thoughts on “DIY Faux Locs: 3 Weeks Later

  1. maicurls says:

    Gooorgeous as always! I remember when I use to get my hair braided….the ease of waking up and not having to “do” anything to my hair…Ah well lol. I love your faux locs! πŸ˜€

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