‘Refreshing’ Faux Locs


Scalp BEFORE (l) and AFTER (r) twisting roots

This is not rocket science and you probably know this already…but I was truly psyched yesterday after twisting my roots with a little beeswax and seeing how ‘fresh’ they looked afterwards that I just had to share a quick pic!

I know I said I wasn’t going to do it but I simply couldn’t go to work with my head looking so ‘ratchet’ (esp in the back). So I stopped giving locs a bad name and refreshed them and they look soooo much better! So before you go discarding your faux locs because they look ‘stale’, just twist them yourself or go get them styled where the stylist will twist the roots before styling.


The parts are now more defined; tho I prefer not to see the parts at all


Top back of head

These babies can last up to 3# months (or longer) if you truly take care of them. But I’m only doing 1# month so out they come this weekend! *-*

13 thoughts on “‘Refreshing’ Faux Locs

  1. princessofee says:

    They are looking so lovely! You are making me miss my locks from way back when 🙈 you kill me the way you insist that they aren’t gonna make it past this weekend. I love them and I would be one of those saying “nonsense keep them in for a bit longer” 😏 but I know that “enough” feeling. Anywho for the record, they look fabulous girl! 👌

    • Elo says:

      Same here missing my locs that I cut one year ago after my baby was born. I want the faux locs to be my next long-ter protective styles but with my thinning edges I wonder if it’s a good idea. What do you think ?

    • Nekisha CD Lewis says:

      If you are already worried about thinning edges then I would forego them or go for bigger locs so that your hair is not stressed by doing smaller parts and having to support the weight of a loc on too little hair.
      I was just chatting with a friend last night about that same thing. I found myself admiring a loc’d updo today and when the lady passed, I saw her edges (more like the sides) and thought, “oh no! not me” I do not want to be bald in the front by 40 yrs of age. No Sir! 😀

  2. charisatosh says:

    Its so beautiful. Am thinking of getting them installed too though with yarn. As for my edges the locs will be made bigger so that there won’t be too much tension on it. I love your blog

    • Nekisha CD Lewis says:

      Thank you so much! Great to hear that you are thinking about your edges in advance. You will definitely enjoy the style. I’m currently in Wk 5 of this style when I originally intended just to keep them for 2 – 3 weeks 🙂

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