5 Bridal Hairstyles for Naturals

I originally posted this to my blog in April 2015 but in switching back from .org to .com has left my most resent posts out in cold. So, when its nice, you do it – over!

Absolutely beautiful styles

Princess Ofee

Natural Bride Natural Bride

Today has been an amazing day celebrating my 2nd wedding anniversary with my hubby, Hleku. We spent the day at a lovely hotel by the Vaal River and later spent some time by the Vaal Dam. It’s been an awesome two years in marriage with tonnes of lessons (to be shared on another day), God has really been great to us and I honestly would choose him all over again if given the chance. Before I get too mushy let me get back to my original purpose of this post… Since December is wedding season in these parts of the world and today was my anniversary I decided to share a few hairstyles that natural bride with TWA’s (or longer hair) could use for their big day.

My hubby took all the pics, thanks babe!

Let me know which is your favourite 🙂

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