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Bun Obsession

Bun Obsession II

Hello, Curlies! Last year I developed a bun obsession. It was endless high buns continuously.

For my curlfriends with TWAs, there is hope. I did an oversized bun which didn’t require me to pull my hair into a full ponytail and it looked freaking #awesome. I also installed some mini twist to do a twist out but they had to stay in a couple days to hold their definition so I pulled them into a high bun as well during the days I wanted for them to ‘set’.

I bought 1# pack of marley hair and that was used to create all the buns. Some days I twist up the hair to achieve a twisted bun look while other days I just wrap the braid as is.

Pros of a High Bun

  1. Style lasts a few days as I just tie my head with a satin scarf and drift off to sleep.
  2. Gives a clean professional look
  3. Easy to accomplish; very uncomplicated style

 Cons of a High Bun

  1. Add stress to edges if pulled too tightly
  2. If kept for a few days, hair can become dry due to lack of regular moisturization
  3. Headaches if pulled too tightly

How I deal with the CONS

  • Because my hair is short, I have taken to doing a kinky blow out to stretch my hair so that they can be pulled into a ponytail much easier
Kinky Blow Out

Kinky blow out (6″ of hair blown out)

  • To ease the stress on my very weak edges, I do more oversized buns so that I do not have to pull my hair into a full ponytail. I then slip the rubber band that comes on the braid around my hair and wrap. My puff gives the bun body


  • I’ve found that hairpins can cause headaches as they tend to pinch the areas they rest on. I have found that bobby pins works much much better!

I would also love to hear how your hair is doing so leave me a comment. I am completely out of loop :(

Happy hair days and a big giant “I’ve missed you” hug xx