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fro-sessed [verb] – to be totally obsessed with your afro

Hi Curlies! This has been a long time coming. Allow me to introduce to you, #patsy. #patsy is what I call my beautifully coiled, shrunken up down afro which is ode to Lupida’s amazing performance in the movie 12 Years A Slave as the character Patsy. #patsy is 3 years old with no cuts during that time (besides irregular trimming). I don’t have growing hair. I have fully accepted that fact.

I have spent the start of the year allowing my hair to breathe, as I put it, and allowing her to coil up and be glorious.  This is in an attempt to not stress my edges as I make attempts to regrow them. Unfortunately, I developed a bad knack of toying with my hair (I mean, who can resist those coils?!) and I end up snapping off the tangled ends 😦  And those ends are quite a few inches in length! Because of this, I am now trying to do more protective styling to refrain from snapping all my hair off!

Here is what my hair looks like with a quick kinky blow out post wash. I think they are about 6″ long still; but they are sparse (hence the hand behind hair – haha – to hide the fact that you can see straight through).

I remain convinced that my hair has reached its usual plateau and will unlikely grow any longer so I am now more concerned with repairing my edges and retaining the length that I do have than trying to grow them longer.

In my next post I’ll share the cheap and simple yet effective products I now use to take care of #patsy.

Happy hair days dolls!