Be Inspired: Cornrow Updo




Hi Curlies! Just stopping in to share my latest hairstyle. I would call it a protective style but that is still to be determined – I will let you know after I’ve taken them out and inspected my hairline. Because, as many of you know, cornrows can be a beast on your edges. I’m praying this is not the case for me! *fingers crossed*

I dyed my hair black a couple weeks ago and its been feeling much on the dry side so I did not want to keep it in its usual shrunken afro state (#patsy) so I decided to do this style.



This cost me EC$50 / US$20 to install using 2# packs of kanekolan braiding hair (the leftovers are stuffed under the bun). The hair cost me EC$13 / US$5 a pack so overall my style turned out to be EC$75 / US$30. Not bad. I had them done by Oniqueka (pronounced Onica) in English Harbour who I find braids very neat.

My only bone of contention is the super large curved braid in the front that just looks out of place to me. I also realize that when I ask for a style doing big braid, small braid, big braid – I do not necessarily mean I want the parts for the big braid soooo big. My style could have taken at least one more big braid in the front. But you live and you learn and I know better for next time 🙂

We also had a bit of a hiccup on the attempted blow out. The elctricity was out at home so I had to go with my shrunken afro but I sat there while I waited and finger detangled and applied my SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie and twisted them in in sections. Her method of blow drying is a light application of heat while running the comb thru my hair – that only resulted in my hair getting hard. She said my hair is resistant to heat. But I think my hair simply prefers the tension method. Tension must be applied to the hair while blow drying for it to become stretched out. Hopefully the electricity is on next time so I can spare her fingers next time around 😀

Oh, I especially love the back! The size back there is perfect. And the bun is wrapped so neatly! (Oniqueka wrapped it the first time but was too small – i couldn’t see it looking straight forward – and she graciously undid it and wrapped it again with a bit of stuffed hair)


I’m hoping it can last at least 2 weeks – pray for me.

Until next time, stay beautiful. Be blessed x

6 thoughts on “Be Inspired: Cornrow Updo

  1. miscellaneousmimi says:

    Looks good. 😊 I also want to do some cornrows, but I am scared, that it won’t last at least 1 month, because I have a dry and itchy scalp. ☺

    • Nekisha CD Lewis says:

      Thank you so much! I don’t see these lasting too long; but that is mainly because they are so big. I have seen gals on YouTube install cornrows and wash their hair after 1 week! I think they are hella crazy but you could do that 😀

      The Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier is #boss at moisturizing . Excellent for misting while wearing cornrows. You should give it a try! That and an application of your favorite oil to your scalp daily should allow you to carry cornrows for an extended period of time .

  2. Yadeï says:

    Very lovely! I’ve been wearing mine in 4 simple cornrows for 2 months now (lack of time). I feel inspired to switch it up. Looks like a quick style.

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