Hello beautifuls! About 2# years ago I wrote a blog post entitled Black Black & Beautiful! where I mentioned wanting to help inspire other dark skin beauties to embrace their melanin.I looked at some photos my sister took of me and saw how gorgeously my melanin shone and I could honestly say I was happy in the skin I’m in. I want that for others as well.

As such, I have chosen to start a line of Statement Tees that are simple, but powerful, declarations for all my dark skin goddesses, as well as every woman of color, to declare to the world that our MELANIN IS ON FIRE!

I hope you enjoy the collection of tees and I thank you in advance for the support! xoxo

Shop the line at BlackZuluApparel. Shirts are printed in the USA and ships within 3 – 5 business days. #wiseupandriseup #knowthyworth #loveyourmelanin

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