Tapered – finally!

Hello lovelies! Popping in to share with you my tapered look. I’ve been itching to do it for a year or more but the thought of cutting my 3 year’s worth of “long hair” was too overwhelming! But 2 months ago, I finally did it.

Then I went home that night and bawled.

But truly, it looks no different than when it was 3 year’s worth of growth longer. I always carried it in this shape – shrinkage took very good care of that! But I guess it was the permanency of the style (at least for another couple of years) that scared me.

However, I’m loving my tapered look!



Next up? COLOR!!!!! Color is another thing that terrifies me to no end so I’m thinking of trying the Fingercomber kinky wefted hair with ombre henna red ends (1# bundle) and try installing that DIY-style at the top of my head and see how it turns out. I would have preferred kinky bulk hair so I could crochet it but, alas, Fingercomber does not supply that except in havana hair and I’m not about that havana hair life no more! #prayforme

Happy holidays curlies xo


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