IN THE KNOW – Curlkalon Crochet Braids

Helloooooo Curlies! Welcome to my first IN THE KNOW feature. This feature are for styles or products that I have recently come across that I think are totally #dope! While I haven’t tried them yet, I think you may really love them and therefore, I am sharing!

I feel like I’ve just awakened from a deep hairstyle slumber by the gorgeous Curlkalon pre-curled crochet braids. Am I the only one who hadn’t heard about these until today?! Say goodbye to the pain of curling marley braids and say hello to these beauties!

They are great for completing a tapered crochet style which I have been longing to try and these beauties are absolutely PERFECT! Curlkalon comes in 4# curl styles and different lengths. While they are all equally beautiful, due to my 4C texture, I am bias to the Toni curl.

I’ll be ordering the Toni Curl in a few weeks and will let you know how it turns out. In the meantime, here are the videos that has me head over heels in loveeee with this style!

Check out their Instagram page for more style inspiration.

Be sure to check out my awesome tees on my site BLACK ZULU APPAREL celebrating the beauty of dark skin and natural hair! Printed in USA.

If you try this style, please drop me a line! If you’ve tried it before, do leave me a link in the comment section. Would love to see how you styled it.

As always, stay beautiful and be blessed xx

Please feel free to share your thoughts!

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