DIY Charmeuse Satin Pillow Cases


I’ve been wanting to make these pillowcases for a while and finally got around to it today. Satin is great for hair and skin. It helps retain moisture in the hair by not sucking it all out during the night like cotton pillowcases as well as helps prevent knots and tangles as your hair glides over the satin instead of being snagged or pulled as you sleep. It is great for skin as it helps prevent wrinkles.

Silk charmeuse satin would be the best option as silk is a natural fiber but it is a bit more expensive than polyester charmeuse satin (please note that satin is a weaving technique and can be made from silk, polyester, nylon etc).


Aren’t these a beauty? I used 2 yards of Antique Gold Charmeuse Satin bought for US$2.49 per yard here. There are 39 solid colors to choose from or head on over to for printed options at roughly US$5.00 per yard.

I made one envelope and one zipper closure and upon completion I realize I prefer the zipped case as it allows me to use both sides while the envelope does not. The envelope case used more fabric and was also more work than attaching a simple zipper.

My cases are 20″W x 27″L and fits my standard size pillows beautifully.

I watched a few videos on YouTube  before taking the plunge but can’t remember which ones to post exact videos.

Will you have a go at it? Beats the heck out of paying $30+ bucks on a pair! Let me know in the comments if you will or have made your own in the past!

Peace and love Curlies!


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