DIY Crochet Locs


I’ve been carrying crochet locs for at least a year now – each install keeps for 6 to 8 weeks with about a week break in between – and I constantly get asked all the usual questions:-

  1. Is that your hair?
  2. Who did them?
  3. What technique did you use?
  4. What hair did you use?
  5. Where did you buy them?

I’ve whatsapp numerous persons all the info but wanted to create a post so that all the information will be in one place and easy to share with just one click. So here’s the down low on this easy DIY.


I started out with Bobbi Boss Nu Locs and loved them (14″). But I longed for colored ends – which Bobbi Boss doesn’t carry – so I ended up trying the Freetress Bo Locs (14″) and fell in love all over again (though it took a little while to grow on me). Those are the two types of locs I use and they are both equally great! The Freetress Bo Locs frizzes a lot more and a lot faster but that just lends to the authenticity of the style!

They are both also available in 18″, and I have tried both, but my preference is the 14″.

They are both light weight and uses minimal amount for the single crochet method which is the only method I use to install . The Bobbi Boss uses 3.5 packs per install (roughly 80 locs) while the Freetress uses 2.5 packs each install (exactly 60 locs)

Who Does ’em?

I do! That’s why they are called DIY 🙂


I have used two techniques for installing my single crochet method and they are both great and which technique you choose will depend on your personal preference and hair type.

Technique 1

Jazzy Nicole Method – with this method I use 3.5 packs of Bobbi Boss Nu Locs. This method is 100% knot-less.

Technique 2

Glam by Merry – I use this technique to install the Freetress Bo Locs and 2.5 packs completes my head.

Where to Purchase

My absolute favorite online store is They have excellent customer service, wide variety, fast shipping and very reasonable prices. I love their Instagram TV and there are lots of real reviews.

Here’s a direct link to the Bobbi Boss Nu Locs and the Freetress Bo Locs.

Hair So Fly recently sold out of the Freetress Bo Locs and so I have found them on Black Hairspray at the same great price! You should be able to find them on as well.

Other Hair Options

I would really love to try these Freetress Gypsy locs which has a 3-tone ombre effect that is too beautiful to deny!

Here’s a look at the style on one YouTuber. How gorgeous, eh?

For any other questions, drop a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Happy hair days curlies! x


Please feel free to share your thoughts!

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