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Is it possible to protective style a protective style? Because that is exactly what I did today when I had to make a supermarket run *-*  I have my hair braided in 3-strand plaits (again – because I find I like the braid out look best) and had them dipped in hot water last night. Today, the only thing on my schedule was our monthly supermarket run. Not wanted to go thru the rebraiding process tonight for something so simple, I started curling and pinning the plaits and I thought it was just FAB! So I definitely had to share it with you guys.

I remember seeing this style or styles similar on YouTube / around the web many times so it was easy to pull out of my memory box. I thought it was cute, chic and a great way to preserve my style until I have an occasion to take down my plaits. 


I am going to hunt for some hair that looks more like my 4C hair texture to install next time around. I don’t see me re-installing marley braids unless I do them big to keep the original definition of the braids so that I do not have to do much to the hair. The moment this hair touches hot water, the hair basically straightens out. Combing these out leaves shed hair all over my bedroom floor as well. I am contemplating the afro kinky bulk hair but I’m also looking at the kinkycomber wefted hair from Fingercomber.com.

Despite all that, I am aiming at 1 month to keep these babies.

Until I find another way to rock this hair – stay beautiful xx