Be Inspired: Cornrow Updo


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Hi Curlies! Just stopping in to share my latest hairstyle. I would call it a protective style but that is still to be determined – I will let you know after I’ve taken them out and inspected my hairline. Because, as many of you know, cornrows can be a beast on your edges. I’m praying this is not the case for me! *fingers crossed*

I dyed my hair black a couple weeks ago and its been feeling much on the dry side so I did not want to keep it in its usual shrunken afro state (#patsy) so I decided to do this style.



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Deep Conditioning Trick: The Cool & Seal Method


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“Just as you must eat to survive you must feed your hair to maintain its health, shine and manageability.” —Ouidad

The essential foundation of curly hair, DEEP TREATMENT is the single most important step in restoring and maintaining your hair’s health and beauty.

Due to a curl’s tendency to lose nutrients and moisture, frequent deep conditioning is necessary to replenish strength, build body and minimize the tendency to frizz. Heat is an important part of the deep conditioning process. In order to be effective, the protein molecules must “melt” and bond together to restore the hair.

Step 1

Begin with clean, damp hair; freshly shampooed.  Continue reading

Get the Look: Goddess High Bun


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Hi Curlies! I rocked a high bun all last week; only deconstructing it mid-week to add some moisture to my hair and redo.

For Church last Sabbath,  I added a little accessory that gave the bun a Goddess look that everyone was falling over themselves over so I thought I’d share with you.

It’s amazing how such a simple addition can take your look from blah to chic! To get the look,  you can purchase a similar headband off Amazon here or here or here.  I simply took off the elastic Band and inserted a hair pin into each hole and pinned in place around the bun – so easy!!  Continue reading

My Current Wash Cycle & Products Update | 2016


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I can’t begin to tell you Curlies how #awesome it feels to be able to do so little to my hair and yet keep it soft, moisturized, healthy and happy!

Here’s a quick run down of my current wash cycle and the products that I have developed a love for. I have linked where I purchase my products for the best prices!


Cleansing my hair (shampooing) has been won over by the African Black Soap by Bush Beauty Body Brand. This soap is all levels of awesome and cleanses without completely stripping my hair or all its natural oils. Traditional shampoo is out! Sulfate-free shampoo is no more! All hail the African Black Soap😀

I don’t even bother with the pre-poos anymore. No time. No patience. But if you find that your hair needs the extra care, please do give it a try or continue to do so if you already do.

Products Used: African Black Soap 

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

I have taken to pouring a small mug of water with ACV over my hair after cleansing. There are many good things being said of the ACV rinse which you can read about in this article by fellow natural hair blogger Mia Curls.

I swear my coils pop when I use this rinse. I simply pour, massage my scalp and let sit a minute or 2 before applying my conditioner (notice, I do not rinse it out before conditioning – not sure what sense or good that would make anyways)  Continue reading

Fro-sessed | Hair Update 2016


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fro-sessed [verb] – to be totally obsessed with your afro

Hi Curlies! This has been a long time coming. Allow me to introduce to you, #patsy. #patsy is what I call my beautifully coiled, shrunken up down afro which is ode to Lupida’s amazing performance in the movie 12 Years A Slave as the character Patsy. #patsy is 3 years old with no cuts during that time (besides irregular trimming). I don’t have growing hair. I have fully accepted that fact.

I have spent the start of the year allowing my hair to breathe, as I put it, and allowing her to coil up and be glorious.   Continue reading

African Black Soap: Product Review




Hi Curlies! I should probably say Happy New Year, Happy Birthday, Happy Easter, Happy Holidays, Happy everything!!!! for how long I’ve been gone. *hides face* However, I am content that my page is a source of information even if it is no longer documenting my hair journey.

Today, I wanted to come in and do a post on one of my favorite soaps which I have mentioned time and time again in various posts but have never given it its own space. Its high time that I talk about the ever popular African Black Soap and the sheer awesomeness of it!

African Black Soap: The Details

All natural African black soap is made from dried plantain skins, palm leaves, cocoa pod powder, and palm kernel oil for an all-natural cleansing process. Many recipes also include shea butter made from the nuts of the Karite tree. Plantains skins are largely what make this black soap so effective. They are a natural source of vitamins A & E and iron.  Continue reading


Baby Hair: The Oppression


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Meet Rokira – my 2 year old second cousin. Isn’t she just a little cutie? *-*

My Aunt started bringing her to church with us for the past 2 weeks. Last week, she rocked a fierce braid out with the cutest little bandeau around her head. I thought she looked the bee’s knees. Shockingly, when we got to church, one member looked at her head and asked, “Are you nah see da likkle gyal head want comb?” (Antiguan dialect)  In standard English, he asked, “Don’t you all see that the little girl’s hair needs combing?” (I did not have my camera with me last week but this Sabbath I did and snapped these shots of her hair)

The audacity!

When will such mindset / mentality / closed-mindedness / black hate cease? When?  Continue reading


‘Fro Love


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2015 has been a long and lonely road for my hair. We spent the year in high buns and 1# set of kinky sew-in wefted hair both of which depleted the few hair I had at my temple. As I enter #missionregrowth I had to make the choice to just let my hair strive!

And when I say strive I mean letting my hair shrink up down in all its beautiful kinky coily glory! It’s all about the fro for the next few months as I try out the ORS Fertilizing Temple Balm. I am applying the balm to the entire front portion of my hairline and then touching it with a few drops of rosemary essential oil on my fingertips at the temples when massaging in the balm.  Continue reading

My Bun Obsession


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Bun Obsession

Bun Obsession II

Hello, Curlies! Last year I developed a bun obsession. It was endless high buns continuously.

For my curlfriends with TWAs, there is hope. I did an oversized bun which didn’t require me to pull my hair into a full ponytail and it looked freaking #awesome. I also installed some mini twist to do a twist out but they had to stay in a couple days to hold their definition so I pulled them into a high bun as well during the days I wanted for them to ‘set’.

I bought 1# pack of marley hair and that was used to create all the buns. Some days I twist up the hair to achieve a twisted bun look while other days I just wrap the braid as is.

Pros of a High Bun

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New to Natural Hair Care? Here’s a Simple Regimen to Adopt.


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Hi curlies! This post is for those who may be new to natural hair or who have been natural all their life but new to efficient natural hair care. This is my recommended hair care regimen with my recommended products which is easy to adopt and put into practice.

Step One – Cleansing Hair

  • Pre-Poo  – this is a step taken prior to shampooing your hair. It basically involves coating your dry hair with oil at least 30 minutes before washing. According to Curly Nikki on the Dr Oz show, this step protects your hair during the shampoo process so that your hair is not stripped completely of all its natural oils. Use a less expensive oil for this step such as extra virgin olive oil [EVOO] or any oil you can get in large quantities for minimum bucks.
  • Shampoo  – many naturals are against shampoo but it is always a good idea to properly cleanse your scalp especially if you use a lot of different products in your hair. Some naturals shampoo every week, some every other week, while others tend to shampoo once a month. It is completely up to you as to how often you choose to shampoo your hair. Choose a sulfate-free shampoo which is milder than regular shampoo and therefore will not strip your hair of all its natural oils. I recommend using either African Black Soap for those who love all-natural products  like myself, V05 Shampoo for a nice cheapie product or Kinky Curly Come Clean for those who prefer a really good quality product and happy to pay the cost.

Step 2 – Treating / Deep Conditioning

  • Depending on the state of your hair, you may choose to do a deep treatment, a protein treatment or a simple deep conditioning treatment for added moisture. There are quite a bit of DIY recipes featured on my blog for you to choose from but if you prefer to go for a store bought product, try a deep treatment from the Shea Moisture line, a hair mayonnaise for a protein treatment or the Aussie Moist 3-Minute Miracle for a good (and super cheap) deep conditioning treatment.

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‘Refreshing’ Faux Locs




Scalp BEFORE (l) and AFTER (r) twisting roots

This is not rocket science and you probably know this already…but I was truly psyched yesterday after twisting my roots with a little beeswax and seeing how ‘fresh’ they looked afterwards that I just had to share a quick pic!

I know I said I wasn’t going to do it but I simply couldn’t go to work with my head looking so ‘ratchet’ (esp in the back). So I stopped giving locs a bad name and refreshed them and they look soooo much better! So before you go discarding your faux locs because they look ‘stale’, just twist them yourself or go get them styled where the stylist will twist the roots before styling. Continue reading


DIY Faux Locs: 3 Weeks Later




Hi Curlies! I’ve now had my faux locs for 3# full weeks and I just wanted to jump in and share with you how I have been managing them.

First off, I never dipped them in hot water to soften them up but quite a few had soften up by the end of week 2. During week 3, the majority had soften; only a few are still stiff. If you were keeping these babies for a couple of months then 3# weeks to complete softening up isn’t too bad, right?😀

Length. Many times I did wish they were longer so I could snag them up into a ponytail and get a neat bun; but alas, my hair was done too short for that :(  Continue reading


DIY: Faux Locs


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Freshly installed Faux Locs

Hello Curlies! I have been on the quiet and will post a hair update in a bit but until then I wanted to stop in and show you my current style which is the trending Faux Locs. I did these myself and it took my roughly 6 hours to complete. And here’s why – I had installed some very short marley twist just to get my hair out of the way but they were looking rather rough/stale after just a week and I was tempted to take them out. However, I decided to take the plunge and wrap them myself instead. So, I went on out and purchase 2# packs of marley braids and wrapped them between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Here are my tips for installing DIY Faux Locs:  Continue reading


The Average Black Girl by Ernestine Johnson

Introducing Ms Ernestine Johnson with an amazing and moving spoken word performance of her piece, “The Average Black Girl.” You will get chills from this performance.

Johnson taps into all the (stupid) things Black women with common sense hear when they don’t fall into stereotypes–from “you speak so well” to “you’re not like the others.” But what Ernestine does best is flip the script on what it really means to be an “average black woman,” and how she hopes to be one some day.

One of my favorite line goes,

“…the cocoa brown girls who have to face society every day and be tough; ’cause no matter how good they straighten their hair, their good is still just not good enough…”

She goes on to proclaim,

“See, the average black girl that I know, the average black girl that I know were Egyptian queens like Hatshepsut and Nitocris who were ruling dynasties and whole armies of men, excuse me while I set fire to this poem on my pen because I am tired. Tired of the stereotypes black girls have fallen into because of American mentality. Oh, but not half as tired as Ella Baker, Diane Nash, Septima Poinsette-Clark. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, Miss Fannie Lou Hamer, Daisy Bates, Anna Arnold Hedgeman, and Dorothy Height are far more tired than I am.” — Ernestine Johnson


My Current Hair Regimen



As a 4C hair type, my biggest problem with my hair was moisture retention. That is what I struggled with the first couple of times I returned natural and it was out of sheer frustration that I went back to the relaxer. But, with experience comes wisdom and, after 3 big chops, I can safely say that I have quite a bit of that now!

Let me let you in on a little secret – there is no secret to retaining moisture.

That’s right! Its all about getting the right products into your hair in the right order and at the right time. That’s it.

I have come to realize that taking care of your natural hair is as simple or complicated as you make it. No, you do NOT need to pick up every natural hair trend that surfaces, nor do you need to try out every new brand that is reviewed on FB. And you absolutely do not need to take the entire day to wash your hair! o_O

I do, however, think that it is important to get your hair on a regimen and this simply means that you become consistent with your treatments.

This is my hair care regimen that is working for me and my hair at this present moment.


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Black Zulu’s Current Products List


products This is a list of products that I currently use in my hair.


Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo

African Black Soap

Bentonite Clay



Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner

V05 Herbal Escape


Leave-In Conditioners

Giovanni Direct Leave-in Weightless Moisture Conditioner

Kinky Curly Knot Today Continue reading



“Going natural is a journey; a journey of self discovery and self acceptance. It’s like stripping your clothes off and standing in the mirror and saying ‘Yes! I accept myself with all the features I was born with.’”

“…my quest for self acceptance, strong love for the hair I was born with and being able to be comfortable in my own skin is what keeps me going.”

– Ms. Emmanuella Desaree of Love Thy Coils


2014: Hair in Review


New Year's Eve Hairstyle

New Year’s Eve Hairstyle

2014 was a truly FANTASTIC year for my hair! I can’t say how much I’ve learnt to love my hair, its texture and every aspect that makes it mine. As I look back at my year in hair, I see the joy at experiencing growth, I see the struggles when I encounter difficulties but I also see the triumph when I have major accomplishments.

Last year, some of my proudest moments were:

  • I had some amazing twist outs early 2014
  • I tried finger coils TWICE
  • I had cornrows installed – stylishly
  • I started and completed the Castor Oil Challenge
  • I learnt to install havana twists
  • I achieved my first high bun
  • I experimented with tuck, roll & pin styles
  • I did an extraordinary amount of protective styles

I also had a few regrets and the worst of which were:

  • I experimented with hair growth vitamins; which may have caused…
  • My hair texture changed. No more chunky/flat twist outs😦

Going into 2015, I am officially in the in-between stage where my hair is too long to just “leave it and go” but not long enough to achieve more advanced styles. However, I still plan on doing mainly updos this year. I will either continue to part my hair two horizontally and pull into two high ponytails to form my bun or do a kinky blow out so that my hair stretches enough to pull into a single ponytail without stressing my edges. I’ve purchased 2# packs of marley braids to form my updos so I am truly excited for 2015.

Thank you so much for being a part of my journey. Thank you for your compliments, your tips, your advice and your love all around. May your 2015 be as bright and beautiful as you are!

Here is a quick round up of my pics for 2014. Continue reading