TWA Style #3 – Bantu Twist Out

Because my hair is all kink and zero curl, I am on a mission to find styles that will give me a curly afro, which I much prefer over a straight combed out afro (just personal preference. I have nothing against combed out afros!) *-*

One such style that I have tried with success is a Bantu Twist Out. Very easy to accomplish and will no doubt be one of the styles I regularly do. Here’s how I achieved my first curly afro =)


Style Tools

  • Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
  • Shea Moisture Curling Gel Souffle
  • DIY Daily Moisture Mist or Water
  • Comb (I used a wide tooth and a smaller one as well)
  • Hair Pick
  • Head band *optional


  1. Dampen hair with your DIY Moisture Mist or just plain water or whatever you normally use when you want to add a bit of moisture to your hair. Hair should be damp but not ‘soaking wet’.
  2. Use a wide tooth comb to select a section of hair in the size you prefer . Size will be dependent upon the length of your hair. I used small sections because my TWA is still pretty short.
  3. Comb through the section to remove any tangles first with your wide tooth comb and then with a finer tooth comb (if you’re happy to do so).
  4. Apply a small amount of SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie to the section of hair
  5. Follow with a small amount of SM Curling Gel Souffle
  6. Two strand twist that section
  7. Wrap into a bantu knot
  8. Repeat until your entire head is complete
  9. Cover head with satin bonnet before bed
  10. To take down, unwrap the bantu knot and untwist
  11. Use a hair pick comb to lift the roots of your hair. This helps to cover the parts and also lengthens your fro
  12. Separate each twist for a fuller look
  13. Use a head band to pull your hair up or style as desired and voila!



* This style can be achieved with any styling cream and some Eco Styler gel. Use whatever products you have!

* With the SM Curling Souffle gel, I did not need to use any oils on my fingers when untwisting, but you may do so if you find it necessary.

I was very very happy with this style. My hair remained soft all day. My hair looked full and curly. What more can a girl ask for? Next up? A flat twist out! I will be trying my hand at a few ways to achieve a curly afro and then decide which style gives me the best curls.


Let me know how your Bantu Twist Outs on your TWA turns out =)

PS – thats a DIY cloth flower I made with left over fabric. Will definitely have to do a post on that! When my TWA was shorter I did not feel inclined to accessorize but now that it is growing out, a pretty flower definitely enhances it! 🙂

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