TWA Style #4 – Flat Twist Out

Curly fro test number two comes in the form of a Flat Twist Out, which basically follows the same process as my Bantu Twist Out so please see post for details. Everything was done exactly the same except instead of doing two strand twists and then knotting them, you make the parts for your flat twists. Be sure to bantu knot the ends of your twist so that your ends don’t unravel.

This style is a bit easier to accomplish because the bantu knots didn’t always want to stay in place but these suckers aren’t going anywhere! =) Also, these twist could be as ugly as sin (which mine were) but you will still achieve a curly do. The difference between the two, tho, is that the Bantu Twists gave my hair more of a curl while the Flat Twists gave more of a crimp.


Of the two styles, I would say I prefer the curl of the bantu knots but the flat twist were definitely easier to put in. The parts were as crooked as they come, the twist were going in whichever direction was comfortable for my hand and it still came together beautifully!

So for those who think their TWA is too short to do more than wash-and-go’s with…think again! (Unless, of course, your hair is naturally curly!)

Flat Twist Out Page

Again, I must interject that I was once again only after a bit of curls as my 4C hair has zero curls and zero coils. So, for me, this style was awesome for defining my TWA.

Altho I have fallen in love with curly fro’s, I am going to next try my hand at styles that elongates my tresses as curls do make your hair appear shorter (not that its any different than shrinkage) and I would really like to see more of my 2″ showing in all their glory *-*

If you do try this, I would love to know how your Flat Twists turned out!


Happy twisting curlies xx

2 thoughts on “TWA Style #4 – Flat Twist Out

    • BlackZulu says:

      Happy twisting, Charity!! I’m looking at the camera you have D3100. Quick question, what lenses are you using and what program do u edit in? (Sorry, I’m asking everybody so I can research before Dec and ur pics are always so lovely) Thanks!

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